On 20th Feb 2018 Tuesday, 6th International Korean Speech Contest was successfully held at Sophie Cooke Ballroom, YWCA Fort Canning. This event is to enhance cultural exchange between Korea and Singapore.

Native Korean Speech Contest for Koreans
(Those native Koreans are coming to Singapore from Korea for the Contest)

Korean Speech Contest for Singaporeans as follows;
Korean Speech Contest, our main highlight of the event
1st Winner 1(one) Prize U$ 700 Cash with Trophy and Award
2nd Winner 1(one) Prize U$ 200 Cash with Trophy and Award,
3rd Winner 1(one) Prize U$ 100 Cash with Trophy and Award
and Participation Prize 4(four) Trophy and Award

All the above Awards and Trophies are sponsored and given by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Unification, Ministry of Scientific Technology and Information Communication, Ministry of Environment, Seoul City, Pusan City.
So it helps the Awardees benefited for future employment and further study at Universities in Korea

During the Contest,
Special Guest Performances
– Korean traditional instrument Kayageum Solo performance.
– Choir’s performance
– K-pop Dance Performance
– Opening Dance

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6th K Speech Contest

6th K Speech Contest