only for Daehan Students or Ex-Daehan Students ~

Day: Saturdays Time: 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Location: Daehan Korean Language Centre

Limited slots! First min. 6 students to max. 25 students only!

For more information, kindly send a PM to our admins or email daehan.biz@gmail.com. **********************************

Are you bored of studying Korean only through textbooks?

Ever felt yourself humming to a Korean song even though you aren’t exactly sure what it means?

Do you have a burning desire to understand the lyrics of your favourite K-pop songs?

Learning Korean through K-pop will enable you to master the language faster as well as come to enjoy the learning process more.

If you have been listening to a lot of K-pop, you may have already come across familiar words and phrases used in the songs. However apart from these commonly used terms, there are also many K-pop songs with lyrics imbued with various underlying themes and interpretations.

In our K-pop class, we aim to recreate the atmosphere of a Noraebang where students can experience an enjoyable way of learning Korean; all whilst belting out lines from the latest K-pop hits and dancing to their hearts’ content!

We welcome all K-pop enthusiasts who are students or ex-students at Daehan Language School. Best of all, this class is absolutely free! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and join us on Saturdays! See you there~